The Life Freedom Method® is our transformational flagship method.

It is the process that will to take you from where you are now, to a much healthier, happier, successful version of you, having clarity on your life, your purpose, direction and your business.

This page is to share with you our vision for the future of
The Life Freedom Method® and how it is going to change lives on a much bigger scale. 


The Life Freedom Method® Research programme is being lead by Jules Kelly, Claire Morton and Jessica Cunningham.  Three altruistic world class coaches and agents of change.  Their passion and resilience to bring about tangible change to the holistic wellbeing of anyone that chooses an alternative or complimentary path is inspiring and without limitation.

The Life Freedom Method® was borne through Jules Kelly’s journey to wellbeing after being “that” senior leader living with the chronic health condition, Fibromyalgia for twelve years, whilst ignoring the signs until she couldn’t ignore them any more.

Following her full mental and physical breakdown in 2017, Jules came to a cross road in her life.  Continue to exist in a world of pain and restriction or make a change.

Jules successfully healed herself from Fibromyalgia and became frustrated that “the system” only supported a medicated response.  This lit a fire in her to share with others that there is another way.  Choice is something that we all have, however within our current system, treatment choice is limited to what is offered.

Jules originally created The Life Audit and Radical Self Care Programme which emulated her process to wellbeing.

Joining forces with Claire and Jess further strengthened the process and expedited the client results and The Life Freedom Method® that has been taken to trial was created.

The Life Freedom Method® is our system that we are committed to make available to the mainstream.  To make this happen and have it commissioned by the NHS we must first prove on a large scale that it is an effective replicable solution.  This is our mission and one that we are proudly championing right now.

The Life Freedom Method® has been clinically proven to help people move beyond pain and restriction and to take full control of their life.

Our pilot clinical trial with Liverpool University and the NHS Walton Centre has shown outstanding results in taking patients from being classified as disabled to no longer meeting that criteria.

Each step of this Intensive twelve – week programme is science backed and has been proven to work for both Jules, Claire and many others too.  Its application is far reaching and people are benefitting from the Life Freedom Method® programme to bring them their renewed foundational strength and clarity, direction, purpose and wellbeing with accountability and ultimate success.

Each one of us is unique.  We have a unique blueprint, and we are here to meet life in our own way.  The Life Freedom Method® will show you your way.

The Life Freedom Method® covers overall health and wellbeing; beliefs; mindset; purpose; strategy and support and is tailored to your unique blue print.

We show you how to live your life in the most aligned way; how to make decisions that are aligned with you and your purpose; understand your foundational strengths and your potential blind spots and how to grow through a new level of understanding.

We work through each area of your pain and start to understand the root cause for the pain.  The Belief Coding® element of The Life Freedom Method® allows us to remove the pain from the body.  This coupled with ongoing techniques and support provide the freedom from restriction that we have demonstrated in clinical trial.

You can access a copy of the white paper that we have created to support the pilot trial

The Life Freedom Method® literally gives people their Freedom.

Jules Kelly & Claire Morton are currently the only people in the World qualified to deliver this ground breaking process.

Jules Kelly
Claire Morton Life Freedom Method®
Jessica Cunningham

The Life Freedom Method® Further Research Plan

The pilot trial has generated outstanding evidence to support the reduction of pain and improvement in quality of life.

Mike Denton and Charmaine O’Reilly who were integral to the success of the trial continue to thrive following their Life Freedom Method® experience. 

They have renewed purpose and are now training to be able to support others in the way that we have helped them.  They have written a book which will be published soon that will help them share their story too. 

To help more people like Mike and Charmaine, we are challenged with the need to demonstrate The Life Freedom Method® works with larger numbers.  To do this we must raise funds. 

One way of doing this is to invite those that can afford to pay for the Life Freedom Method® to do so and you can scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links.


Jessica Cunningham

Belief Coding® creator and altruistic entrepreneur, Jessica Cunningham is an equal partner of Claire and Jules in The Life Freedom Method® and the pursuit of attaining accreditation and clinical proof that The Life Freedom Method® changes lives.  Together they have an undeniable and unshakable vision and belief that that their work, along with Belief Coding® as a stand alone ground breaking method will obtain the clinical “rubber stamp” proof that “the system” requires to bring these powerful holistic methods as a way of freeing the world from this global pandemic of dis-ease.

We are raising funds to carry out further research so that we can do just that.  Three Northern women on a mission to cure Fibromyalgia and many other conditions by creating their own wave of change.

We need your help to help us help millions.

Please read the White Paper below and if you feel you would like to support our incredible mission please Sponsor us by clicking on the link below or dropping us an email at


Three months ago I was a broken woman. I was in pain, I was drinking way too much, had demons from trauma, was tired, grumpy and did not see much change.

Then,  Jules Kelly came into my life and turned my world around.

Today Mike and I had our final healing session in our fibro trial before our final tests on Tuesday and I feel like I’ve been given another chance at life.


I’ve cut down on drinking HUGELY to the point where I cannot cope when I do drink. 😂

I’ve been introduced to and am now a Wellness Advocate of doTERRA oils.

I can cure my own trauma, my own pain.

My confidence is through the roof.

I am bloody fantastic.

I am Charmaine f@%#ing O’Reilly and the world had better watch out because HERE I COME.

Charmaine O'Reilly

I’m a Father of 3, a Husband, a Police Officer and have lived with Fibromyalgia for 4 years.
I was diagnosed after 18 months of hospital tests in July of 2021 and this all began (or seemed to) with abdominal pain, that lead to weakness in my arms, wrists & hands,

I have seen counsellor’s, had physio and been to the Police Treatment Centre in Harrogate.

Running the Fibromyalgia Support Group across the different forces, I met Jules at the Fibromyalgia awareness day that I had arranged and jumped at the chance of being involved in the trial.

3 months ago I could hardly wake up in the morning. When I did I was unable to open my fingers without my wife massaging my hands.  i was in constant pain, tired, depressed and I’d had enough.

Working with Jules has been great. Understanding that much of my condition was due to trapped emotion and trauma has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I now have a much better quality of life with 95% less discomfort and have the tools to continue helping myself and others.

I can’t wait to help others to feel the way that I do now.

Mike Denton

What does The Life Freedom Method® look like in terms of time commitment?

You will get a Full VIP Discovery Day where we will dig deep into your needs, purpose and intentions for the twelve weeks. This will allow us to create the route map and plan the content for your unique 3 month journey to the place that you are seeking.

You will have weekly calls for coaching, accountability and support.

You will be introduced to several modalities, including Belief Coding®, meditation, aromatherapy and Human Design®

You may be provided with nutritional supplementation support (If required) for the duration of the programme which will include twelve-months wholesale membership with the provider.  You will also be offered aromatherapy support for any physical or emotional support.

You will have access to us via whattsapp during office hours throughout the duration of the programme.

Embrace life without the limitations and take control of your health with The Life Freedom Method®.

Investment £12,000 payable over 3 months at £4,000 per month and there thereafter for the 3 months OR Pay in full with a saving of £1001 at £10,999.

Please contact us for availability