Two days and two nights away from the noise & pressure of

your business and daily life, to completely immerse yourself in to

an incredible Space & Freedom™ leadership and wellness bubble.

A Strategic Leadership Experience that focuses on YOU.

By giving yourself the time and space to put YOU at the forefront of your life will lead to consistent high performance

Our individual success coaching is completely bespoke to each individual that comes to work with us.  That is not because we like the word “bespoke”, it is because we believe that as one size fits all solution does not fit each and every one.

Within this retreat space you will have the space and the freedom to be 100% unapologetically you. 

We will help you with any aspect of your life that you wish to work on whilst you are with us.

Before you arrive with us we will have chatted about what your intentions are for the retreat and what you want to gain from the experiences. 

We believe that every single woman that attends this incredible retreat, will leave us having made some major shifts towards creating the life balance that they truly want and deserve

Each one of us is designed differently.

Each one of us experiences life differently.

We can lead you through the areas where you want need the help.

Different people have different challenges.
Different people have different dreams and aspirations.

We are ready to help guide you. Are you ready to be guided?


You may have a million things going on in your head all of the time.  You might not know what to do with it all.  We get that.  Claire is the same. 
We will help you create that clarity and the techniques to allow you to work with this challenge beyond our working relationship.


You might have all of the ideas and all of the will, yet absolutely no clue how to make any of it a reality.
That’s is okay! You may not be designed to do that naturally. 
We can help you create the route, systems and structures to help you create your reality.

Speak your Truth

You may have so much to say and so much to release yet you may feel like you can’t do this easily.  You may have a burning desire to vocalise how you feel or have your message heard, yet something is holding you back.  We can help you release those blocks in a safe way

Who am I?

Life Experience has showed us that we can lose the person that we though we were.  Some of us never really understand who we are and what we are here for.  Many people come to us and ask us if we can find that person.  Together we can make sense that transition and help to bring you back to the person with purpose that you are supposed to be


We believe that Wellness and Health = Wealth
Wealth is subjective for each of us.  If you are expending more energy than your body is getting support for you will burn out.  You will get sick.  We have been there and got the T-shirt in all the colours. We created The Life Freedom Method® to support this whole area.


We can help you to navigate what is holding you back.  Fear is a huge block that can keep you safe or keep you small and stopping you from living your life.  They are linked to Beliefs.  Beliefs can be changed. We can support you to release those fears to make room for growth in all areas of your life.  We will help you find your vitality and tap in to your intuition.

Your Joy

Do you make sure that your life is FULL of stuff that lights you up?  No? Then we will help you change that! Life is for living in joy!  You may not know what you want to do.  You may feel stuck.  Get ready to become unstuck.  We are here for all of it.  We will help you find your joy, passion and purpose and then help you create the plan to soak it all over your life

Pressure or Motivation

Its a fine line! Do you often need some sort of push to get things started?  Do you feel like you need a rocket to launch you in to action.  Do you worry that you are running out of time.  Do you feel like you are having to hustle all of the time.  if the answer is yes, we can help you work with this.

Are you responsible for a number of people as well as yourself?

Are you meeting the 4 pillars of Sustainability for yourself and your people,
or do you even know what these 4 pillars are?

Are you finding yourself torn between work and “life” and the stress that this creates?​

Are you scared that the mask is about to slip as you are juggling so much?

Are you losing focus and clarity on some or all aspects of your life?​

Are you spending too much time in the business and not on it?​

Do you feel that you are unable to voice your challenges for fear of being judged?

Are you on a treadmill that you feel that you can’t get off?

How long have you been on that treadmill and is it the place
that you really want to stay?

Are you creating bad habits to get you through each day? 

Are you stuck?

Do you feel as though you just want to escape?
If you are answering YES to any of these then…..

you need our immersive Space & Freedom Leadership & Wellness Retreat.



Together we have over 50 years experience of working within and for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes.  Whilst we both have a training and development background, Claire has spent the past 20 years specifically in this field. 

There are a number of things that set us apart from other organisations. 

We stand by our values and we continue to work on our own growth and development. 

The modalities that we bring to our clients are diverse.  We combine what we need and that are appropriate for each client.


I’m Jules. I’m a holistic success coach for high performers and I understand what it’s like to actually hit the wall and burnout.
It’s not clever and it’s not pretty and for that reason I am passionate about helping other high performing people  not make that same mistake.

I have a 30 year career in the Corporate world having served in Senior Leadership positions in various Multinational and Smaller Organisations.  I sold my shareholding in my last business in 2019 and retrained in various aspects of coaching.  I work with my Life Freedom Method® which encompasses a number of my Superpowers along with Human Design & Belief Coding®.  Synergistically they work like magic together.

I see a clear path when often many don’t.  I am here to lead, to guide, to educate and to support as many people as I can for. the greater good.


I’m Claire. I’m a high performance coach who understands what it’s like to be on the brink of burnout and desperate to have the energy to achieve what you know to be your purpose.

I left a 20 year corporate career in leadership to focus on high performers who want to reach their potential. I am a Master NLP, MBTI, yoga and meditation practitioner. One minute we’ll be hyper-focusing on high performance strategy, the next you’ll be in ‘savasana’ having optimised your mind and body with yoga (Lying down & resting!)


Watch this Space 
2024 Date Coming Soon


Hi I am Lindsay, I am an energy worker, I found this out during the retreat, I work with both electric and various healing modalities. I am starting a new business and this was the final step in getting clear on a plan. I have been on a journey of personal development for the past two years and I wanted to join this retreat because of the amazing hosts, just 1 is fantastic but 2 how could you say no!! I loved what was included and just had a feeling I had to be a part of this! The accommodation was AMAZING so much gorgeous space and high spec, it included an indoor heated pool with enough space to do yoga in the morning in front of it. The best kitchen and lots of seating areas, bedrooms and facilities were second to none, plus it had been decorated for Christmas and was just the most beautiful space. The food ..oh wow the food! It was all created by the amazing Margaret cooked from fresh and I think organic and vegan, it was absolutely delicious, even though I am a meat eater I didn’t feel I missed out on anything was nicely full and there was plenty for seconds if you wanted any, oh and the puddings were just the cherry on top. I met some amazing people and being a small group, it was lovely as we all had time to get to know each other and it wasn’t overwhelming. The indepth human design was just eye opening and amazing, getting to take away a report and having time to go through the books was amazing, I even bought the books that were at the retreat to look into family and friends human design. The oils we had time to use and make our own potions with were amazing, I use Doterra anyway thanks to Jules but I learned about Protocols which I was lucky enough to have Jules apply, I have used these on friends and family. Learning more about the oils was also so useful. The meditations by Clare sent me off to a dreamy space and a few snores 😊 Oh I nearly forgot the amazing gift bag with our very own beautiful hoodie ( I bloody love a hoodie) the copy of fading woman book, bottles to create our own blends from all the amazing oils and so much more. I got so much clarity from being a part of this and it was amazing to take time out in the week for this, rather than missing weekend time with the family. Thanks you both so much I will definitely be joining another one. Anyone on the edge thinking of joining I highly recommend you join one of these amazing retreats, I have probably missed out so much of what I experienced, it was definitely a great return on investment.