Space and Freedom by Design

12 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design for the Exec is for the high performing leader that wants to give themselves the space and freedom to reconnect with their innate brilliance, allowing them to live a productive yet balanced, happy, healthy, successful business and personal life without burnout.

Delivered over a 12-week period, this introductory programme that is bespoke to you and your goals to provide you with external, honest direction and support, clarity and accountability.  You will be challenged with good intention to help lead you towards achieving your ultimate life balance.

There is an enormous amount of pressure on the shoulders of our leading execs and taking time out can feel alien to you.  It may trigger feelings of fear of missing out (FOMO) and often guilt for not being “hands on” all of the time.

We believe everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and achieve their greatest potential without limitation and that includes our leaders.  There is a need for space and freedom to stop, assess and recalibrate.

Leading by example in this way will benefit you, your team, your business, your family and your customers.

“The hottest thing in management is the Executive Coach – part boss, part consultant, part therapist”  Betsy Morris

12 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design is for you if :


  • You are a busy executive that is juggling all of lifes responsibilities coupled with the unending work expectations, targets and pressures and challenged with achieving the right balance.
  • You want to spend more quality time with your family but are struggling to make that happen due to your own expectations and those of your peers, teams, clients and company culture. 
  • You are putting work before your own needs and desires.
  • You think you maybe addicted to work.
  • You are addicted to stress!! yes this is an actual thing
  • You have become accustomed to other addictions to numb the stress and painful pressures.
  • You are wearing a mask, you don’t even know who you are anymore.
  • You have years until you reach retirement and the thought of doing “this” in this way for another number of years is not a joyful feeling.
  • You have a huge amount of business acumen and knowledge however navigating the characters and personalities in the workplace and at home can be challenging.
  • You know how to get the job done but are aware that some people may not always have the required energies or skills to deliver.
  • You are frustrated that your results are affected by others that may not deliver.
  • You may feel guilty about the way in which you interact with others due to your own frustrations.
  • You desire to have a committed team that understands both yours and the business needs and that are able to deliver in a aligned, trusted and productive way.
Claire Morton Life Freedom Method®

12 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design can bring you:

    • Clarity – by enabling you to unload all of the challenges and goals that you are carrying, in a safe and supportive space.  We will explore and connect to your awareness and inspiration for you to be able to see the “Big Picture” of your goals and aspirations.
    • Support to tap into your creativity and channel your imagination. We can help you gain clarity to turn those ideas in to reality.  Thats our superpower. We will  introduce you to your aligned life purpose and what you are here to communicate and bring to the world.
    • The creation of a clear structure and route map to your end goal. We will provide you with accountability to deliver each step in order for you to create forward movement towards your individual goal.
    • Knowledge and wisdom in how you are designed to make decisions that are aligned with you.  This level of embodied leadership  will bring you confidence, trust in your own abilities and will help you to take consistent, decisive action.
    • Support in finding your voice so that you are able to overcome any  communication barriers and start embodying your truth through effective communication.  This will also help you to stop saying yes to everyone and everything just because you think you “should”.
    • Insight in to sharing your energy wisely.
    • Learning about how to navigate the different personality and energy types within your work and home to achieve better productivity.
    • An objective confidential sounding board for you.
    • Vision and clarity on what really lights you up.  This will help to create flow in your life and empower you to live your best life without feeling burnt out or exhausted.
  • Techniques that will guide you on how to stay grounded amidst uncertainty and tune you in to the trust in timing.  We will help you to turn any anxiety in to productive energy.
  • An understanding of how to be aware of your vitality and its possible limitations and what metaphysics are at play.  We will help you to practice self care, how to listen to your body and start to identify triggers so that you can start to achieve balance, alignment and consistent good health.
  • An indepth awareness in to the unique personality that you were born with and discover innate strengths and gifts, unlocking your potential to achieve success in both your professional and personal life.
  • Discovery of any money beliefs and conditioning you may have and identify how they are holding you back in life and business.
  • A level of control to become an even more effective leader of your own life, your family and your business.
Jules Kelly

What is included

  • Week 1 – Deep dive in to your curret situations and understanding your goals.
  • Fortnightly coaching call
  • Whatsapp access to us for the 12 week period (office hours)
  • Bespoke bonus support & trainings for 12-weeks.
  • The option to stay with us after 12 weeks on a retainer basis for continued support, guidance and accountability.
  • Full Space and Freedom by Design Personal 52 page report (worth £995)
  • Please check full Terms and Conditions here 


The real question is..Why not now?!
When will it ever be the best time for you to do this?
Realistically will you ever find the right time?
Ask yourself this.
What am I waiting for?  Where will I be this time next year if I don’t do this?
What are you waiting for?
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Deloittes 2019 Global Human Capital Trends – Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with a human focus states that executives are increasingly invested in linking employee wellbeing and productivity to an organization’s financial performance.  

Space and Freedom® was created through us bringing together our highly diverse skilled backgrounds, with a collective 50 plus years of business, leadership and wellness experience, we are perfectly placed to support anyone that wants to change their life and business in some way.

Our complementary skills, knowledge and life experience is a perfect match to deliver the type of coaching that we wished we could have had in our earlier years.

Having invested heavily, in time, energy and money in our own continued personal and business growth, we understand and are passionate about holistic personal development and the impact that this has on sustainable productivity within life and business.

Together we have worked on a pilot clinical trial with Liverpool University and The Walton Centre in Liverpool, to help people living with Fibromyalgia to rid themselves of pain.

The results have been profoundly transformational.We have a passion and desire to help people live the life that they truly deserve and are driving forward positive change in a world that can feel pressured, joyless and challenging for so many.

Claire Morton is one of the UK’s most sought-after transformational leadership, life and business performance strategists as well as a number one best selling author.

A multiple award winner with over 20 years of consulting experience in the private and public sector. Claire is an expert in learning and development, business mentoring, emotional intelligence and wellbeing care, as well as being a fully qualified yoga teacher, personality profile practititioner and a Master NLP practitioner and leadership development specialist.

Space and Freedom® for Claire is spending time travelling with her 3 amazing children, husband, family and friends. Not forgetting her two best friends; her huskies, Nukka & Levi. As a true Generator (Human Design), Claire is  busy living life to the max and sharing her energy and positivity wherever she goes.



Jules Kelly is Your Human Compass®. She is an experienced holistic leadership, performance, growth and success strategist. She has over 30 years experience within the corporate world and has also experienced burnout, to the point of becoming classified as disabled.

Having healed herself from chronic illness, Jules is now sharing her own journey via The Life Freedom Method® along with Claire, to help others to understand that their body and mind is their home and it is theirs to look after and nurture, and that success can be achieved whilst also living a healthy and balanced life.

She has a number of incredible superpowers which include being one of the first Belief Coding® facilitators in the World and a Human Design Specialist coupled with many more fundamental modalities and skills to support people holistically.

Open your eyes, check emails on phone. Jump in shower, grab a coffee and out the door before your family has even woken. A full day absorbed in work…stressing and worrying everything will be okay before heading home to find your kids in their pyjamas and ready for bed. Put the kids to bed only for you to spend the rest of your evening checking your emails and catching up on any social media before doing it all again… does this sound familiar? I would have been one of the last people you would expect to need help or guidance of this type. I consider myself to be a typical ‘happy go lucky’ typical ‘lads lad’, however when the pressures of business accompanied with my father’s bereavement came together, I found myself struggling and I became a fraction of the person I used to be. It’s easy to mask with a smile as you still have to be the same person your colleagues and peers look to for guidance and who your friends and family turn to for fun and laughter, but the reality was I was depressed, I was lost, I’d lost my sense of purpose. Depression is a horrible state to be in, nobody wants to believe or admit they are suffering, but in reality, it affects so many of us. Firstly, Claire is very easy to talk to and from my initial session with Claire, she listened and supported me in putting things into perspective, with no judgment. Claire helped me to identify the strengths and weak areas of my life and shared techniques with me to see how I could improve as a person. By learning to connect with myself again through meditation, ‘being present’ with myself, NLP and coaching allowed me to regain clarity and focus in my life. Setting goals and challenges to push me to achieve my targets. Claire makes you realise how important you are and that you need to make time for yourself and appreciate the things around you, things which are right in front of your eyes. After a couple of sessions, I honestly cannot tell you how great I felt, something had changed in me…. I have a spring in my step and feel like I could conquer any challenge and feel motivated & revitalised which has been noticed by my colleagues, friends and family. To put simply…this is one of the best things I have ever experienced and I would highly recommend Space and Freedom’s  programmes to anyone. Claire, I can’t thank you enough.

Ian Ambrose

Managing Director , Shape Land & Property Limited

A huge thank you to Claire & Jules for playing an integral part in our business change process. When embarking into something new as a pioneering leader, the nerves still make an appearance. Will they be able to understand the business? Will they understand my team? Will the team understand them? Bringing new concepts and consultants in to the business can be daunting. I had nothing to worry about. They seamlessly became a part of the organisation and facilitated change on multiple levels. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

James Harvey Battle

CEO, Nationwide Management Services

Having Space and Freedom as my coaches and mentors this year has really helped me to develop the right mindset for me and has opened my mind to how my business can thrive and how my life can be better lived. Claire’s and Jules’ approach is honest and kind whilst not being afraid to deliver the hard truths when needed. Claire’s most important characteristic in my view is that she genuinely cares about the welfare and future plans of her clients and tailors her approach accordingly. Thank you, Claire and Jules, for your support, life would be a much harder in these difficult times without your reassuring presence in my life.

Steve Crick

Managing Director, SolidTek