Individual Success Coaching

Our individual success coaching is completely bespoke to each individual that comes to work with us.  That is not because we like the word “bespoke”, it is because we believe that as one size fits all solution does not fit each and every one.

We can help anyone that comes to us by using our diverse and ecclectic skillset so that we can create a truly holistic approach to you achieving your goals and desires.

Collaboratively we work with you to map out your solution.  We look at your vision; your goals; your challenges, and we create the solution to get you from your A to your B.

Each one of us is designed differently.

Each one of us experiences life differently.

We can lead you through the areas where you want need the help.

Different people have different challenges.
Different people habe different dreams and aspirations. 

We are ready to help guide you. Are you ready to be guided?


You may have a million things going on in your head all of the time.  You might not know what to do with it all.  We get that.  Claire is the same. 
We will help you create that clarity and the techniques to allow you to work with this challenge beyond our working relationship.


You might have all of the ideas and all of the will, yet absolutely no clue how to make any of it a reality.
That’s is okay! You may not be designed to do that naturally. 
We can help you create the route, systems and structures to help you create your reality.

Speak your Truth

You may have so much to say and so much to release yet you may feel like you can’t do this easily.  You may have a burning desire to vocalise how you feel or have your message heard, yet something is holding you back.  We can help you release those blocks in a safe way

Who am I?

Life Experience has showed us that we can lose the person that we though we were.  Some of us never really understand who we are and what we are here for.  Many people come to us and ask us if we can find that person.  Together we can make sense that transition and help to bring you back to the person with purpose that you are supposed to be


We believe that Wellness and Health = Wealth
Wealth is subjective for each of us.  If you are expending more energy than your body is getting support for you will burn out.  You will get sick.  We have been there and got the T-shirt in all the colours. We created The Life Freedom Method® to support this whole area.


We can help you to navigate what is holding you back.  Fear is a huge block that can keep you safe or keep you small and stopping you from living your life.  They are linked to Beliefs.  Beliefs can be changed. We can support you to release those fears to make room for growth in all areas of your life.  We will help you find your vitality and tap in to your intuition.

Your Joy

Do you make sure that your life is FULL of stuff that lights you up?  No? Then we will help you change that! Life is for living in joy!  You may not know what you want to do.  You may feel stuck.  Get ready to become unstuck.  We are here for all of it.  We will help you find your joy, passion and purpose and then help you create the plan to soak it all over your life

Pressure or Motivation

Its a fine line! Do you often need some sort of push to get things started?  Do you feel like you need a rocket to launch you in to action.  Do you worry that you are running out of time.  Do you feel like you are having to hustle all of the time.  if the answer is yes, we can help you work with this.

The Atlas

Working with both Claire & Jules to bring all of your routes together to create your full Atlas.

Your Energetic and Practical Route Map for life generally happens over a four month period.

It includes a Full VIP Discovery Day to start with so that we are able to understand and define the package and action plan.

You will have weekly calls for coaching; accountability and support.

This work will also include working with the subconscious mind as well as strategy

You will have another in person meeting with both Claire & Jules at Month 3 to check on progress and to make any further changes required to bring you in line with your goals and visions.

You will have access to both Claire & Jules via Whattsapp over the 4 month period.

Investment £12,000


Together we have over 50 years experience of working within and for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes.  Whilst we both have a training and development background, Claire has spent the past 20 years specifically in this field. 

There are a number of things that set us apart from other organisations. 

We stand by our values and we continue to work on our own growth and development. 

The modalities that we bring to our clients are diverse.  We combine what we need and that are appropriate for each client.


What we bring to the relationship


Jules Kelly is the Owner and Creator of The Life Freedom Method®

Claire Morton is the Owner and Creator of the SPACE Method™


Belief Coding®

Mind Navigation®



Leadership Training

Executive Coaching

Body Healing

Corporate Wellness

Organisational Culture

Business Strategy

Myers Briggs Personality Profiling

Energy Work

Human Design

Yoga & breathwork




Amazon Best Selling Authors

International Speaker

Feedback from some of our clients


I was introduced to Claire through an associate after going through a major change in my life. For over 12 months I had been allowing myself to continue to take on responsibilities that I didn’t need to, adding to a hectic family life, busy professional life and a number of volunteering commitments that I am involved with. I had been seeing the warning signs of depression/anxiety for a number of months but rather than face what I needed to I just carried on in fear that I would let people down. And eventually I did let someone down, Me.

I started to make the changes I needed to, but things still didn’t feel right. It was only after spending time with Claire as my Coach that things really started to fall into place. With her support and guidance I started to understand what I really needed to do, she helped me find a focus, a belief in myself and helped me remove the feelings I had that stopped me from putting myself first and to become more mindful of the way I am and how that affects others.

There’s no doubt that Claire is first class in her field and I would fully recommend her services to anyone who wants to make changes in their lives.

John Little-Smith

If you are looking for someone to support you to a full vibrant healthier life on many levels Jules Kelly can help.
Her holistic approach and belief coding techniques I have personally experienced and the results are phenomenal. I shifted rejection and guilt on a deep level and feel lighter.
Jules has a very real way of getting you to explore your life, like she says as a life auditor. There is no judgement, only love and a safe space to explore.
I highly recommend having a chat with her if you would like to up your game in a healthy way.
I’m so looking forward to the future and Jules will always be in my world.
so so grateful to you woman  




Charlotte Carter

Global High Performance Coach, Charlotte Carter Coaching

I can’t believe the difference after an hour working with Jules. The difference in 2 weeks have been marvellous. I have felt I can deal with anything; my confidence has returned on a massive level. I admit I was slightly sceptical, but I was intrigued. I knew she would find something but what that something was I just didn’t know. If you are thinking you will breeze through this, beware she will release whatever the body and you need. I found Belief Coding liberating. I am on a journey with Jules as I know something is still lurking but its buried deep. I must find the right time to do this, believe you me, I will. I have no qualms about recommending Jules to my clients, friends, and family.

Katie Page

Businessologist, Katie Page Training

Being introduced to Claire was the highlight of my year in 2019. Myself and my employer believed in my natural capabilities, however I always seemed to choke and tie myself up in knots when my time came to present to larger management groups.

After my first 2 sessions with Claire, it felt like the clouds had parted and I could see sunlight again,  my self-confidence grew overnight, and I realised all along the problem was with me and only I could change it, Claire helped me focus in delivering key points and sometimes more is less…

My sleep and my work life balance also got better, which in turn helped me, be more productive. So, if you believe in yourself and just need a nudge and someone to talk to, I highly recommend booking in to see Claire


Darren Williams

Managing Director, Space Modular