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Aubrey Marcus says it so well..

“You are comprised of 84 minerals, 23 elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells.

You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur, sharks teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt in to our planet’s most complex living thing with a set of instructions hidden in a double helix and small enough to be carried by a sperm.”


You are different to absolutely every single person on this planet. That makes you so, so special.

Human Design is the synthesis of a number of modern and ancient systems that are grounded in science, that provides us with a soul map of YOU.

Your Birth Date, Time of Birth and place of birth tells us the exact moment that you turned from all of that magic start dust in to the human that you are that holds all of the information about you. All of your desires, your strengths, your purpose, your life’s work.

You are made of all of that with the energy of stardust added to bring the perfect version of you to this

Earth for this part of your souls journey.

 Sounds completely bonkers we know.

BUT ……

We have not yet, met one person that does not resonate with their Human Design profile. There is not one person that we haven’t been able to share magic empowering information with. There is not one person that has embodied their Human Design and not had some incredible changes in their life. if you are ready to find self-acceptance, confidence, vitality, magnetism, clarity and all of the things that make life so much more empowered then it is time to gift yourself soe quality time with us.

Understanding and embodying your Human Design is a gift.

Human Design is the Science of the Aura. It is the Science of Differentiation.

All of that information carried through your planetary alignment coupled with your DNA that the subatomic neutrinos that became part of you added, unlocks insights in to how you see and know yourself, along with all that you are here to learn, live and experience as part of this incarnation experience. 

Your life today

In understanding your Type which is your Aura, you are understanding how you are designed to interact with the world.

In understanding your Strategy and your “not self” theme, you are understanding how you are here to interact with life.  This will really help you live in an aligned way.

In understanding your Authority, you will understand how you are designed to make decisions.

In understanding your Profile you are understanding all of the nuances of your personality.

In understanding your Centres you are understanding your foundational strengths, your blind spots and areas of potential wisdom and your absolute potential.  You are understanding how you become influenced by other energy so that you are able to grow through your expansion and your contraction where necessary. 

In understanding your Incarnation cross you are understanding the theme of your life.  If your life were a movie, this is your plotline. Your mastery, your purpose.

In understanding your Circuitry you are understanding your unique wiring system that you are here to experiment with, experience and embody for your expansion but also the expansion of the evolution of humanity.

By integrating Human Design in to all of the work that we offer, we are really fully able to help and support you to live your best, most aligned life; your business and will help you navigate all that “life” puts in your path.

The Basic Fundamentals
Human Design Reading Experience

60 minutes plus bespoke report that you are able to download and print


This Basic Fundamentals Human Design reading will give you some incredible knowledge and insight in to the magic of your own  Type; Strategy; Authority; and Profile.  This will show you just how special you are and how you are here to engage with life.  Your soul already has a plan.  This is the start of understanding and discovering what is meant for you.  You will receive a PDF of your report and a recording of your session so that you can watch it back over again.

The Basic Fundamentals plus Business Human Design Reading Experience

120 minutes plus bespoke report that you are able to download and print


This report will include all of the incredible information from The Basic Fundamentals Reading plus the Centres and Human Design Basic Business Strategy element.  This will help with understanding a more aligned way of communicating your offers and services to your clients and internal stake holders, and will ultimately lead to attracting and aligning the right people in to your life and business. You will receive a PDF of your report and a recording of your session so that you can watch it back over again.

In-Depth Human Design Reading Experience


plus venue hire if in person

This half day experience will immerse you in to the world of Human Design.  It will cover the Fundamentals and Business readings and will also include Life Purpose and knowledge of your centres, gates and channel energies, your foundation strengths, any potential blind spots that when addressed will lead you to discover your wisdom beyond any conditioning. This session will change your perception of the way in which you live your life.  It is the start of living a more aligned, abundant and joyful existence. You will receive a PDF of your report and a recording of your session so that you can watch it back over again. 

Human Design Intensive
Self Discovery Experience Day


plus venue hire if in person

 This is an immersion in to the World of Human Design.  It will be a life changing day, understanding and uncovering what is meant for you  and how you  have been designed to be here on earth in this life time.  Your learnings will include all of the Basic Fundamentals, Business, Centres, Gates, Channels, Life Purpose and variables. We will provide you with an experience that includes coaching you in how to take this knowledge and start to embody your learning and implement it in to your life and business right away.  You will receive a fully bound report to take away as well as an electronic copy after the day.

Human Design can be embodied in all areas of life and that includes business too ; such as, but not limited to 

Personal growth and transformation

Business planning and development

Family relationships and development

Life purpose, confidence and strategy

Wellbeing and purpose

Team performance and development

Recruitment and education

Sports teams and athletes

Working with Jules through my Human Design I finally feel like I have some understanding of it.  I have attempted to learn this method twice before and it just didn’t stick.  However when Jules went over my Human Design Chart with me in great detail and explained it was actually so profoundly beautiful. I finally understood it, learning more about myself, Jules explained reasons and answers to why I am the way I am.  Her knowledge of Human Design and people is impressive! I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and she gently highlighted patterns of myself and advised me how to overcome certain things in life that do not light me up and accentuate the areas I should concentrate on that do actually light me up. By Jules guiding me to lean into my strengths for life skills and business purposes this information is essential. In fact for me personally Jules really got my attention when she explained about the soul details and my soul’s purpose and confirmation of this was just spot on for me. 


I honestly cannot recommend Jules enough for Human Design; she was born for this role!   A Human Design chart reading is such an incredible tool of knowledge to have in life.  Something we all need,and the fact that you can go back to and look at  it time and time again is ace understanding more about yourself.   At the end of the session with Jules I told her that she had just summed me up perfectly in a nutshell!  How did she do that!?!  Well simply Human Design knowledge and expertise.
If anybody is thinking about looking into getting their Human Design I honestly cannot recommend Jules Kelly enough, seriously she is a powerhouse of information and has an addictive personality, her compassionate upbeat energy is genuine and infectious.  Jules has walked the walk with life and so her genuine passion to guide and help you find yourself is like no other!  I have worked with Jules numerous times and find her personality addictive and of course advice  very good for my soul.  She has been my go to Consultant for so many things. I am truly grateful and thankful that Jules came into my life when she did and will be forever grateful for her amazing genuine knowledge.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Jules Kelly you are a legend!
Vickie Moore

Holistic Transformation Mentor