This in-depth personalised  report, The Book of You, will give you an understanding of how to embrace clarity, direction, space, freedom, abundance, joy and empowered success.


 This is for you if you are lost, struggling for direction, people pleasing, looking for meaning and purpose in your life, buying all of the courses that you don’t finish, juggling all of the things and wearing yourself out and feeling like you are getting nowhere.


If you are ready to really own the magic you were born with and kick all the noise in to touch once and for all,  then you are in the right place to start your journey of coming back to the person you were born to be!

You may already know that Human Design is one of our favourite concepts.  Embodying and living true to our designs has been life changing for us and our business.  It forms a part of every service we offer to all of our individual and corporate clients, that achieve OUTSTANDING results.  Our wish is for everyone to really understand and embody their Human Design as we know the absolute gift that it is and the impact it has on your EVERYTHING.


Your individual chart which will look something like the chart on the left, which is created from the place and time that you arrived on this Earth. Your chart holds a vast amount of information about you; your personality; your gifts; your superpowers; your likes and dislikes; your challenges; your soul purpose; your lifes purpose and how you are designed to live, be and experience everything that is planned for you in this life time, including your learnings and expansion.   The real gift in finding yourself here today is that we will guide and empower you to decipher your design.

Knowing the time of your birth is very important to make sure you get your correct design.

If you are ready to dive right in and start learning about what is meant for you right away then you can get your report at the Investment of £444.OO


How will embodying your Human Design help you transform your life

  • In understanding and embodying your Human Design you are learning how you are here to engage with the world with an embodied  guidance system that will help you to make aligned decisions that may lead to greater fulfilment and your success.
  • Understanding and embodying your Human Design you will gain a deep knowledge of your unique personality traits; your superpowers and your areas of potential wisdom.  You will find clarity on who you were born to be.
  • In understanding and embodying your Human Design you will learn how to positively interact with others and how others perceive you.  This helps you to communicate more effectively to help create stonger connections, healthier relationships and improved performance in all areas of your life.
  • In understanding and embodying your Human Design you be able to take control of your energy and your auric space.  You will learn how to maximise your energy by being mindful and making better choices about who and what you allow in to your world.
  • Your Human Design will show you what your life purpose is and what you are here to share with the World.  All of this is borne from your unique make up which you will uncover from within the layers of science in your personal chart.
  • This report will provide an in-depth view of you through a lens that you may never have used before.    It will lead you to embracing your absolute uniqueness and will empower you to own and believe in the incredible human that you are and with the clarity to take your self development and empowerment to a whole new level.

“We are committed to our clients experiencing tangible growth and transformation.  Our motto is that “we don’t do surface level sh#t!”

Claire & Jules 


What information you will find in your Human Design Report

 (It’s not surface level!)

Your Human Design TYPE and what that means for you and how you show up in the World and the role that you play.

Your STRATEGY which shows how you are here to interact with the World.

Your AUTHORITY will show you how you are most aligned to make decisions.

Your SIGNATURE which is how you feel when everything is in alignment.

Your NOT SELF THEME will show you how to realise when life  may not be as you wish and is a great prompt to awareness for change.

Your PROFILE is a reflection of your personality and the energetic theme that is attributed to it.  It also shows you a reflection of the personality that others see in you.

Your DEFINITION will help you to understand whether you need other people to process information and energy.

Your ENVIRONMENT will give you understanding of where you are more comfortable and aligned.

Your SENSE will help you to understand your unique sensory perception system (your senses) and how this shows up in your life.

Your MOTIVATION will help you to understand your inner impulse that guides your decisions and actions.

Your DIGESTION will help you to understand how you are designed to digest food and assimilate information.

Your INCARNATION CROSS will give you the theme of your life.

Your CENTRES will help you to understand where you have access to consistent specific energetic themes and where it is affected by your environment and other people.

Your GATES will help you to understand where you have defined energy flow which will help you to better navigate life, make decisions and embrace your true self.

Your UNDEFINED GATES and CENTRES are where there is a greater chance of conditioning yet also massive areas for growth, expansion and wisdom.

Your CHANNELS connect defined gates and these are your absolute SUPERPOWERS.  You will receive full details of these to help support your empowerment and ownership of your most incredible unique gifts.

Your VARIABLES will help you to understand a clear, practical map of transformation of your awareness and how you are created to experience life.

Are you ready for a new purposeful life with clarity, space, freedom, adventure, fun, satisfaction, empowerment & success? We can't wait for you to discover your magic!

Working with Jules through my Human Design I finally feel like I have some understanding of it.  I have attempted to learn this method twice before and it just didn’t stick.  However when Jules went over my Human Design Chart with me in great detail and explained it was actually so profoundly beautiful. I finally understood it, learning more about myself, Jules explained reasons and answers to why I am the way I am.  Her knowledge of Human Design and people is impressive! I learnt about my strengths and weaknesses and she gently highlighted patterns of myself and advised me how to overcome certain things in life that do not light me up and accentuate the areas I should concentrate on that do actually light me up. By Jules guiding me to lean into my strengths for life skills and business purposes this information is essential. In fact for me personally Jules really got my attention when she explained about the soul details and my soul’s purpose and confirmation of this was just spot on for me. 


I honestly cannot recommend Jules enough for Human Design; she was born for this role!   A Human Design chart reading is such an incredible tool of knowledge to have in life.  Something we all need,and the fact that you can go back to and look at  it time and time again is ace understanding more about yourself.   At the end of the session with Jules I told her that she had just summed me up perfectly in a nutshell!  How did she do that!?!  Well simply Human Design knowledge and expertise.
If anybody is thinking about looking into getting their Human Design I honestly cannot recommend Jules Kelly enough, seriously she is a powerhouse of information and has an addictive personality, her compassionate upbeat energy is genuine and infectious.  Jules has walked the walk with life and so her genuine passion to guide and help you find yourself is like no other!  I have worked with Jules numerous times and find her personality addictive and of course advice  very good for my soul.  She has been my go to Consultant for so many things. I am truly grateful and thankful that Jules came into my life when she did and will be forever grateful for her amazing genuine knowledge.  Thank you Thank you Thank you Jules Kelly you are a legend!
Vickie Moore

Holistic Tranformation Mentor, Transform with Vickie

I’m sitting reading it and listening to Jules Kelly too. All I can say is OMG I’m only half way through it and it’s blowing my mind.

Denise Donaldson