Our Work in the Corporate World


Providing holistic training, development, coaching and wellness solutions for business and personal growth, productivity and success, is what we are outstanding at.

Our Corporate Collaboration is tailor made for Leaders and their teams to address the many challenges that go hand in hand with working with people in a corporate environment.

Whether having a need to address sickness; productivity or other motivational challenges or looking for support to reduce the risk of stress and burnout, our corporate collaborations require an in-depth discussion to ensure that all needs are met,  for us to be able to present a workable solution for you, your people  and your organisation.

There is much documented evidence to show that an investment in staff wellbeing provides a great return by way of productivity, performance and loyalty.

Some of the outcomes that your business could enjoy from working with us are

Clarity and understanding of you, your people and the best way to support them.

Clarity and vision for your business strategy.

Creation of action plans for delivery of your strategy and goals.

Increase in belief in abilities and the will and passion to use them effectively.

Increase in employee engagement, productivity and morale.

Create and maintain a healthier, happier and empowered leadership team, employees and customers.

Leading with renewed conviction and from a place of absolute confidence.

Achieve desired results whilst maintaining a work life balance.

We bring you a variety of solutions.





Corporate Intensive Focus Day


Purpose – Mission – Vision – Values


Investing in this day, you are gifting yourself Space and Freedom® away from your business to give you some clarity and reflection time.  This will help to start to free your body of the stress of working in the business so that you are more able to work ON your business when you return.

Leaders often carry the weight of the entire business or department on their shoulders. You may not have the time to stop and reassess your position; your wants and needs, as the treadmill of industry, the business and all the demands of them are incessant.

You may also use this day for strategic planning of training and development or wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

You will stop and breathe.

You will leave the “noise” and your phone at the door.

You will empty your head of all the things you want to work through and gain clarity on.

You will share with us your challenges.

We will then lead you through a unique process of finding clarity in all aspects of your life and business.

We will help you uncover a new level of self-awareness. 

We will help you to understand the blocks that may be affecting your progress in life and work and will help you to clear these blocks, so that you can leave with a new vitality and confidence to live a more intentional successful life.

Business Strategy will feel different with this clearer position of self, and we will help you work through any strategy challenges that you bring to the session.

To Invest in a Strategy Day for up to 2 leaders



plus venue hire

Retainer Package


Once you have experienced a VIP Focus Day with us, there is an opportunity for you to have us as a part of your team on a retainer basis.  This will provide you with regular coaching, consultation, strategy or training  support as and when you need it.

Our basic retainer packages start from £995 per month. 

We would love to be a part of your team.

What a brilliant way to bring the year to a close!

Had the fortunate opportunity to work with the amazing Claire Morton and Jules Kelly and help put some plans in place personally and professionally next year.  Sometimes you can get bogged down in work which then impacts your personal life and which then becomes a vicious cycle! The saying “can’t see the woods for the trees” when all you need is someone with an open mind, knowledge and skills to assist with focus and clarity on who you’re meant to be and why you do the things you do – without judgement.  Really fascinating work on the human design to help identify how I best operate and how Chris and I work as a partnership. Again, a big thank you to Claire & Jules for the two days of consultation, coaching, guidance, advice and clarity. Really looking forward to 2023 and working with them this year.


Ian Ambrose

CEO, Shape Land & Property