Back to the Mothership Membership is a beautiful place for like minded women that want to achieve change in their life. They are committed to a 12 month package , which includes pieces of many of our coaching and training practices that we offer our one to one clients.

As a group we enjoy monthly group coaching; guest expert coaching as well as holistic knowledge and much of the science behind the woo.  There are practical tips and training that you can incorporate in to your life.

This is an incredibly supportive community of support, honesty & growth.

Back to the Mothership Membership is still on this years mission.

We will be re-boarding in December 2022 for take off on another 12-month mission starting the beginning of

January 2023


1 Zoom Coaching Call Per Month

Each month we will have a new subject to embrace and build on. We we host a monthly zoom call which will be shared in advance.
We encourage joining in and asking questions so that you can get the most out of each session.
The choice is yours. If you don’t make the live call you will be able to get it on catch up.

New Moon & Full Moon

These fall differently every month.  We will provide access to a Full Moon and New Moon ceremony so that you are able to carry out your own each month as you wish.  We will provide some information about each of these two moon phases and the potential affect they can have on us! If in doubt, the moon gets called out! 

Guided Meditation

There will be a live fortnightly guided meditation in the Mothership lead by our resident meditation teacher, Claire Morton.  Because we are both responders, we are likely to appear more often when the mood takes too!


Claire is a Yoga Teacher so will post yoga classes in the membership for us to join in with when the mood takes! Its not all pretzl leg yoga.  Gentle intentional movement is great for the body and the mind

The Life Audit

We believe that Wellness and Health = Wealth
You will have full access to the Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme and its 15 self lead modules to address your wellness step by step. It includes hormonal health, stress and anxiety, aromatherapy, energy, the immune system, the body and balance and so much more 


Back to the Mothership is an opportunity for you to join part of your own community.

A group of like minded individuals that are looking to make some changes in their life in a safe, supported, honest and fun way.

Your contribution will be an annual commitment and your time, energy and input as and when you feel aligned.

The investment to join the Back to the Mothership Crew for 2023 is @£37.00 per month

thats £444 for the year of 2023.


The angel number 444 represents clarity and decisiveness. When this number keeps showing up in your life, it means the angels are trying to tell you that what you’ve been preparing for is finally coming to fruition


Together we have over 50 years experience of working within and for corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes.  Whilst we both have a training and development background, Claire has spent the past 20 years specifically in this field. 

We stand by our values and we continue to work on our own growth and development. 

The modalities that we bring to our clients are diverse.  We combine what we need and that are appropriate for each client.

Back to the Mothership will be entering its second mission in 


What we bring to the relationship


Jules Kelly is the Owner and Creator of The Life Freedom Method®

Claire Morton is the Owner and Creator of the SPACE Method™


Belief Coding®

Mind Navigation®



Leadership Training

Executive Coaching

Body Healing

Corporate Wellness

Organisational Culture

Business Strategy

Myers Briggs Personality Profiling

Energy Work

Human Design

Yoga & breathwork




Amazon Best Selling Authors

International Speakers

What we will cover over 2023

Introducing Human Design and Creating Your Charts to start work on

Self Awareness 



Meditation for Success

Thoughts, Feelings, Environment

The Body and how it works

What affects the way the body works

Life Audit


Money Mindset

Self Worth 

Toxin Release

Future Self Work

Myers Briggs Personality Profiling

Future Self Work including
Goal Setting/Planning/Vision Boarding 

Decision Making in line with your Design

Human Design Environments

Wellness for Winter

Aromatic Anchoring



Daily Rituals

Feedback from our 2022 Mothershippers


Where do I start. What an amazing six months. My life has changed so much and I am so happy.  I feel free.  To be myself because I am more than enough. I look after me. I am grateful for my health, my happiness, my family, my friends and our community.So many beautiful souls have entered my universe   Jules Kelly   Claire Morton  you have changed my life completely and put me in touch with myself . I am eternally grateful thank you XXX You have given me freedom.
Thank you so much xxx


Dawn Monks

Crew of The Mothership 2022

This passed 6 months has been amazing!! To say the least the support from each & everyone of you well I can’t explain it!! I feel more free to be just me and don’t worry so much if others don’t like it I have let go of people that don’t have my back my happiness takes first priority always now although I still like to help others were I can (not a bad thing right!!)I always make time for my self now still work to be done but I am proud of who I am becoming! Thanks to our belter of a leader & all you beautiful Ladies for being there 🙏🥰😘




Bev Ray

Crew of the Mothership 2022