Space and Freedom by Design

5 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design is for the individual that wants to reconnect with their innate brilliance, allowing them to live an abundant, happy, healthy and successful business and personal life without burnout.

Delivered over a 5-week period, this introductory programme that is bespoke to you and your own goals is to provide you with direction, support, clarity, education and accountability at an affordable investment. (This is a one off introductory offer.)

We believe everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and achieve their greatest potential without limitation.

If you want more or something different in life and business and youre ready for expansion, then our offering is for you. LETS GO!!

We have both “wanted more” from life and business when we were in our transition into entrepreneurship and we each spent thousands of pounds trying to find the answers.  We now understand that this was a part of our journey so that we can help and empower others to be smarter and work in a much more intentional and aligned way.

Shiny object syndrome is a real thing! So is FOMO! We don’t want you to fall in to that trap.

5 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design is for you if:


  • You are juggling all of the plates of lifes responsibilities and are worried how you are going to sustain this without hitting the wall.
  • You want to spend more quality time with your family but are struggling to make that happen due to the expectations of your clients, peers, organisation and / or community.
  • You putting work before your own needs and desires.
  • You have years until you reach retirement and the thought of doing “this” for another number of years is not a joyful feeling!
  • You have so many ideas for your business but are unsure how to get started or you want to create something for yourself but are unsure of the direction.
  • You know or feel that you are ready for expansion and are feeling fearful of what that transition will lead to or encompass. You want to be held and guided through the process.


Claire Morton Life Freedom Method®
  • You have a great hobby that you would love to create in to a business so that you can live your life doing what you enjoy.
  • You know what you want but have little idea on how to actually make that happen.
  • You tell yourself that you don’t deserve to spend money on yourself or your business.
  • You are worried about investing in your dream in case it doesn’t work out.
  • You know what you want to say but are unsure how to articulate yourself.
  • You may not believe that you can make your dreams and plans a reality. 
  • You feel as though your life is dull. You want more, but not sure what it is.
  • You are playing too many roles and lost with who you really are.
  • You want more from your relationships.
  • You are not living your dream life.
  • You are struggling to be productive which may be holding you back.
  • You are starting lots of projects but unable to give any of them the level of attention you would like.  You want to do so much yet end up in a spin and not finishing anything you started and become frustrated.
  • You are becoming unwell too often and have health niggles.
  • You feel a bit lost.  Heck, you may feel a lot lost.  You are floating around and questioning who you are and what you are here to do and be.

What is included

  • Week 1 call – deep dive in to your current situation and your goals
    4 x 1 weekly calls thereafter
  • Personal Space and Freedom by Design Report (worth £495.00)
    Bespoke Bonus Support and Trainings
  • Whatsapp direct access to Claire and Jules (quick questions and check ins during office hours)

5 weeks to Space and Freedom® by Design can bring you the answers that you are looking for without spending £££’s on a magical mystery tour of shiny objectsville!

    • We will help you unload what you have been carrying around in your head so that we are able to help you create clarity.   We can then explore and connect to your inspiration and awareness for you to be able to see the “Big Picture” of your goals and aspirations.
    • We will guide you into tapping in to your creativity and channelling your imagination.  We can help you gain clarity to turn those ideas in to reality.  Thats our superpower. We will  introduce you to your aligned life purpose and what you are here to communicate and bring to the world.
    • We will help you to create the clear structure and route map to your end goal.
    • With our guidance you will learn how you are designed to make decisions that are aligned with you.  This level of embodied alignment will bring you confidence, trust in your own abilities and will help you to take decisive action.
    • We will hold you accountable to deliver each step in order for you to create forward movement towards your goal.
    • We will help you to find your voice so that you can overcome any  communication barriers and start embodying your truth through effective communication.  This will also help you to stop saying yes to everyone and everything just because you think you “should”.  We help you to start see “should” as a swear word!!
    • You will learn how to share your energy wisely.
    • You can turn your dreams in to reality!  We will help you with your self belief, confidence and self esteem.  We will show you how you are designed to manifest your desired reality.
    • We will help you tune in to your passions and desires.
      We will dive deep in to your purpose and your innate superpowers to help you create breakthroughs so that you can start to look for opportunities that align with your purpose.
    • We will help you to identify what really lights you up.  This will help to create flow in your life and empower you to live your best life without feeling burnt out or exhausted.
    • We will guide and teach you how to stay grounded amidst uncertainty and tune you in to the trust in divine timing.  We will help you to turn your anxiety in to productive and exciting energy.
    • We will help you tune in to your vitality and understand what metaphysics are at play.
    • We will help you to practice self care, how to listen to your body and start to identify triggers so that you can start to achieve balance, alignment and consistent good health.
    • We will help you tune in to your unique personality and  discover unique strengths and gifts, unlocking your potential to achieve abundant success in both your professional and personal life.
    • We can help you discover any money blocks and limiting beliefs you may have and identify how they are holding you back in life and business.
    • You will take control and become an effective leader of your own life, your family and within your own business.


The real question is..Why not now?!
When will it ever be the best time for you to do this?
Realistically will you ever find the right time?
Ask yourself this.
What am I waiting for?  Where will I be this time next year if I don’t do this?
What are you waiting for?
Hit the link and lets get on a call!!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives; nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

Space and Freedom® was created through us bringing together our highly diverse skilled backgrounds, with a collective 50 plus years of business, leadership and wellness experience, we are perfectly placed to support anyone that wants to change their life and business in some way.

Our complementary skills, knowledge and life experience is a perfect match to deliver the type of coaching that we wished we could have had in our earlier years.

Having invested heavily, in time, energy and money in our own continued personal and business growth, we understand and are passionate about holistic personal development and the impact that this has on sustainable productivity within life and business.

Together we have worked on a pilot clinical trial with Liverpool University and The Walton Centre in Liverpool, to help people living with Fibromyalgia to rid themselves of pain.

The results have been profoundly transformational. We have a passion and desire to help people live the life that they truly deserve and we are driving forward positive change in a world that can feel pressured, joyless and challenging for so many.

Claire Morton is one of the UK’s most sought-after transformational leadership, life and business performance strategists as well as a number one best selling author.

A multiple award winner with over 20 years of consulting experience in the private and public sector. Claire is an expert in learning and development, business mentoring, emotional intelligence and wellbeing care, as well as being a fully qualified yoga teacher, personality profile practititioner and a Master NLP practitioner and leadership development specialist.

Space and Freedom® for Claire is spending time travelling with her 3 amazing children, husband, family and friends. Not forgetting her two best friends; her huskies, Nukka & Levi. As a true Generator (Human Design), Claire is  busy living life to the max and sharing her energy and positivity wherever she goes.

Jules Kelly is Your Human Compass®. She is an experienced holistic leadership, performance, growth and success strategist. She has over 30 years experience within the corporate world and has also experienced burnout, to the point of becoming classified as disabled.

Having healed herself from chronic illness, Jules is now sharing her own journey via The Life Freedom Method® along with Claire, to help others to understand that their body and mind is their home and it is theirs to look after and nurture, and that success can be achieved whilst also living a healthy and balanced life.

She has a number of incredible superpowers which include being one of the first Belief Coding® facilitators in the World and a Human Design Specialist coupled with many more fundamental modalities and skills to support people holistically.

This may sound weird, and I can’t really explain it. I’ve had a massive reality check and insight into my life. Its almost like I hated myself, again I can’t explain how I feel other than I’m not feeling worried or anxious about who I am or who I’m supposed to be. I’ve gone back to Jess in 2019 – to that person who I was without troubles, without stress, without anxiety, I’m not joking I feel like that girl. I want to thank Claire Morton and Jules Kelly so much. I’ve known Claire for over 12 months and have worked with her before so when Claire suggested we book a day with herself and Jules on a deep transformational VIP Day, I was in. It was quite painful yet releasing on the day. Myself and my partner Zeb attended together to be able to open up to ourselves and each other so we had clarity, connection and focus on where we wanted to be in life and business. I’m not going to lie, it was challenging at times, and we had to do the inner work, however the space and energy from these two women was phenomenal.  Jules and Claire are exceptionally good at what they do. I’ve not had anything like this before. The trust that has been built between us is something I cherish. It can be a lonely place sometimes in what I do. Thank you. If you’re looking for life change and deep inner transformation, these two are for you. We have work to do and I’m ready for more.

Jessica Hayes

Business Woman & Public Figure