“I’m not happy”

Is something that Claire and I hear a lot.

To be fair, its mostly men that come straight out and say it. Women tend to dress that statement up by going around the houses, using lots more words but ultimately reaching the same conclusion.

Sweeping statement but this realisation (in our experience) happens around age 47 or there about.

By the age of 47 holding on to the “should’s” and “obligation” become harder to keep repeating.

After the offload of the thoughts and feelings there is often a level of real sadness. Sadness for all of those “wasted years”.

The thing is, they are not wasted at all. (though our mission is for people to come to this point sooner!)

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right here and right now.

All of the challenges and learnings that you have been through were all growth opportunities. Not mistakes or failures. why would you even use that negative language? That serves nobody.

Many find that they have fallen in to their roles of life and checked in their own wants and desires along the way.

Once you come to this major cross roads in life you can look back and check in to what you want to do differently now.

Allowing yourself the freedom to think about what that even looks like or feels like is the first step.

What beliefs and behaviours you are ready to change to help you become “Happy” once more…

Putting your own happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment first will seem alien to you and thats ok. Know this. That when you are happy and fulfilled you will bring much more energy and joy to life and to those around you, so its a win win.

But where to start?

It starts with that statement. “Im not happy” or “There has to be more to life than this”

Then reach out to someone like me and Claire that will hold space for you and guide you through the process. Allow yourself to be open, vulnerable, raw and honest. (Don’t run away at this point!! This is where it gets good!). That release, that sharing, that energy shift brings about the most incredible changes.

Things you make apologies for may be your innate superpowers! Time to relearn how bloody amazing you actually are.

Time to become the most aligned, happy and best version of you for right now.

Our mantra is this.

We all have one life and always two choices.

If this message is talking to you right now, then please reach out. This could be the sign you have been waiting for. Let’s talk.