Imagine for a minute that you’re back in school during PE class. The task at hand: picking your team for a game. You have the power to choose your team members based on their skills, abilities, and potential contributions for the greater good. (or to ensure you win!)

Now, let’s reflect this scenario onto your current role as a senior executive or board member. If you were given the opportunity to build your team from scratch, would you choose your current team members (including yourself) first? Or would they be left on the bench?

Investing in better players can undoubtedly boost team performance. In sports, it’s common for teams to scout and recruit exceptional talents to strengthen their chances of winning the silverware. Similarly, as leaders, we must also consider the value of having top-notch talent within our organisations.  But what if the are already there and you just don’t know it?

What if, when your team sign in for the day, they sign out some of their brilliance for fear it doesn’t fit in with the corporate image or what they perceive is expecxted of them within the realms of that work space.  What if they leave some of their innate brilliance in the car park because they are elements not covered in the archaic dusty CV structure. Often, we overlook the immense potential and hidden talents lying within our current team members. Just like diamonds in the rough, they may possess unique qualities and capabilities that, when fully embraced and nurtured, can elevate the entire team’s performance.  We see this A LOT!  

As leaders, let’s take a moment to evaluate our teams. Have we truly tapped into the skill and potential of each team member? Are there opportunities to invest in their development and uncover a remarkable level of expertise and magic that currently lies dormant?  Balancing the need to attract exceptional talent from outside with nurturing the untapped potential within our current team is crucial. Investing in the growth, training, and empowerment of our current players can transform them into star performers. Not only does this approach foster loyalty and motivation within the team, but it might also surprise us with the outstanding abilities that emerge.

We have witnessed incredible hikes in performance purely by investing time to uncover this briliance.  Uncovering it in one person has huge impact.  Just imagine uncovering it for a whole team.

So, as you consider your team assembly, remember the power of investing in your current players. Unlock their hidden talents, augment their skills, and watch your team reach new heights together. Sometimes, the best talent is already on the field, waiting to be fully embraced.

Why not start with YOU? 

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Jules Kelly & Claire Morton
Global Holistic Life and Business Strategists
Space and Freedom Limited

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