The World is changing and so are the people living on it.  The new generation are realising that work is not the be all and end all as many of the generations that have gone before having been conditioned to believe.

The guardians of the old paradigm are labelling this revolution, “Quiet Quitting”.  The younger generation are voting with their feet and choosing to walk away if they doesn’t agree with their values and needs.  They give the effort and time that they are paid for in return for an agreed salary working within agreed time frames that will fund their life, outside of the workplace.  Some would say they are getting the ‘balance’ right.

We are starting to see this everywhere.  With our own children entering and heading towards the world of work, it is refreshing to see the change in mindset and them knowing that they have a choice in how they want to live and work.  They have witnessed both of their parents suffer from burnout.  They have no desire to go there and nor do we. Holistic Wellbeing is a vital part of the life of this new generation.

So how are employers dealing with this?

Let’s be honest. There are some organisations that think that they are forward thinking, yet are still oblivious. They say they are committed to the wellbeing of employees, with a yoga class here and there and maybe a bowl of fruit in the office. Yet they are adopting the same strategies and management styles that they always have, and they may find that this starts to impact performance, staff morale, staff engagement, staff retention and sickness levels as “Quiet Quitting” takes hold.

At the other end of the spectrum there are a few forward thinking revolutionary employers that are brave enough to lead the shift towards the new paradigm that is undoubtedly coming. They are being intentionally brave enough to try something new. To spearhead change. To be the change makers and cycle breakers within the business world.

They are looking at their staff as individuals and not just numbers on a payroll.  They are empowering individuality and are changing the way in which they lead and manage.  They are tapping into the pure potential within their teams and are using this to drive positive change and engagement, which ultimately creates improved results. They are considering all aspects of wellbeing. All eight of them.

As agents of change, recruiting talent has never been so exciting.  Encouraging an open and collaborative approach gives access to innovation and ideas cultivating an inclusive, appreciated, empowered, motivated and engaged work force.

Personality profiling within the corporate space is accepted.  It’s been a part of the business landscape for many years.  It relies on the individual answering questions within an assessment tool, posing a series of forced-choice statements to respond to.  The results provided can create a moving goal post based on the way in which the staff member feels at the time and their life experiences at that time. Yet, it’s been hugely useful and there were leaders brave enough at the time to bring these profiling techniques into the workplace and still to this day, they are utilised in thousands of organisations across the globe, to support with communication, decision making and team development. As a Myers Briggs Practitioner for 18 years Claire has seen and experienced how useful and transformative personality profiling can be, however as with everything change and expansion takes place. Human Design is a concept that we have both studied, embodied and implemented in our lives. Human Design creates impactful change for the individual which has a huge affect on their entire life including business.We are continually witnessing how including Human Design within our personal and business strategy work is exponentially enhancing performance via the depth of growth and transformation within each individual.

Space and Freedom® by Design is Human Design for Corporate and the business world.  There are no moving goal posts other than the embodiment and expansion of the individuals.  Human Design is an incredible tool that allows us to really home in on an individual’s personality traits, skills, superpowers and areas of wisdom (most would call these blind spots).  At Space and Freedom, we work with individuals and teams with executive coaching, mentoring and guidance, which includes over 50 years of combined corporate experience, coupled with an extensive tool kit of modalities to support individuals in finding their voices; their brilliance; their groove and reaping the rewards of strong performance within their organisations, which are creating the space for them to be all that they were born to be. This ultimately impacts on their personal life too.

Additionally, we are seeing leaders and their teams becoming better partners, husbands, wives, carers, parents and friends too.

  • Are you brave enough to pioneer change?
  • Are you brave enough to transform your life, your team and your business?
  • If so, what are you waiting for?

There is one thing we can not get back at that is time and time does not stand still.

If you are ready to kick “Quiet Quitting” in to touch and you are brave and ready to start a revolution, then lets chat. We are leaders in Human Design Strategy for business.

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Jules Kelly & Claire Morton
Global Holistic Life and Business Strategists
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