Its a New Dawn It’s a New Day…..
This wonderful human is Dawn Tracey Monks
I’ve known Dawn for over 30 years. She’s worked so hard for years and when we reconnected a 18 months ago she was teaching. Long hours, first in to college, last to leave. Overlooked and undervalued.
When we started working together Dawn had a really good idea of what she wanted to do, and she was open to coaching, ideas and challenges.
12 months on this powerhouse took early retirement from teaching; retrained and listened in to what she truly wanted.
We studied her human design. She has unstoppable Generator energy coupled with all of her 6/3 wisdom along with her desire to help young people. She has an innate ability to hold space for those going through emotional challenges.
She quickly realised that her original plan was not going to fly! She was made for bigger things!
The Life Freedom®️ method has served Dawn well. 🙌🏻
Dawn is the founder and creator of Gifted Wisdom! She is an incredible Belief Coding®️ Facilitator, Assessor and Coach and an all round gorgeous person helping others live a better life.
Human Design played a big part in her journey. The report that we have just launched, The Book of You, is a blue print route plan for your life.
You can grab your personalised Book of You for the introductory offer of £111.
It will give you a 60+ page downloadable book of YOU and the person that you were always designed to be. What you were here to experience and how.
It’s the start of realising your absolute brilliance!
Who knows? This time next year you could be leading your life in a more fulfilled happy and joyful way and have your own merchandise like our Dawn has!
Be More Dawn! 🏃‍♀️ .It’s a new Dawn it’s a new day for you!