We would definitely argue NOT! Nowhere near!


The typical approaches to corporate wellbeing and mental health support and intervention are not enough. Businesses may offer yoga sessions, have a bowl of fruit in the office, put some mental health first aid training in place and run the odd wellness event to showcase “look what you could have”,  however, we firmly believe that these interventions are not adequate or sustainable or useful for everyone.

The reason being that they make assumptions that this approach works for everyone, much like education and the school system, and we know that this is also hugely flawed. Not everyone has the same issues or experiences life in the same way.

Mental health is considered a stand alone subject. Again we believe that physical, emotional and mental health are intrinsically linked and therefore taking a much more holistic personalised approach will reap greater rewards for your business and the people working within it.

The most common mental health condition noted in the corporate workplace is anxiety. Anxiety can arise from a variety of sources, including work-related stress, uncertainty, job insecurity, interpersonal conflict and lack of support, to name a few. Anxiety can cause significant distress and interfere with an individual’s ability to function well at work, which can contribute to absenteeism, decreased productivity, and an increased risk of burnout. Other common mental health conditions that may be present in the corporate workplace include depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, and addiction disorders, among others.

By addressing individual lifestyle factors using The Life Freedom Method® by way of an example approaches the treatment of this issue in a whole new way.

The lifestyle factors that we review, include nutrition, hydration, sleep , hormonal health, financial wellbeing, toxic load, beliefs and trauma and also life purpose.  Studies have shown how important life purpose is on overwall well being and it is something that we don’t ordinarily see addressed within our schooling system or our workplaces.

At Space and Freedom Limited, we know that true corporate wellbeing starts with treating each individual as unique. This is the only way to create a personalised plan that addresses the specific needs of each person. We focus on understanding all of the individual factors and medical status and provide a bespoke, do’able and aligned support solution to the challenge of employee wellbeing.

We believe that any other approach will fall short.  It would be a short to mid term tick box cookie cutter approach that will not serve your business or your people. Investing in your people will bring you atleast a 20% ROI due to improved engagement, performance, committment and loyalty from your team.

That’s why we are committed to delivering The Life Freedom Method® programmes that our clients can use to improve their health and their life and business.

The Life Freedom Method is designed to help businesses transform the lives of their employees, showing them exactly how to address their overall wellbeing including addressing any mental and emotional issues and understanding the metaphysical link this has too.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to reacgh out and speak to us about organising a call to discuss your requirements.

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