Imagine discovering a soul map of you.

Join Jules Kelly and I as we discuss Human Design. The synthesis of a number of modern and ancient systems that are grounded in science. Discover all of your desires, your strengths, your purpose, your life’s work.

Jules is Your Human Compass®, holistic leadership, growth and success consultant. With over 30 years experience within the Corporate World. Having healed herself from chronic illness, Jules is now sharing her own journey via The Life Freedom Method® along with Claire Morton.

They have not yet, met one person that does not resonate with their Human Design profile. There is not one person that we haven’t been able to share magic empowering information with. There is not one person that has embodied their Human Design and not had some incredible changes in their life. if you are ready to find self-acceptance, confidence, vitality, magnetism, clarity and all of the things that make life so much more empowered then it is time to gift yourself some quality time with us.

Understanding and embodying your Human Design is a gift. When you master your energetic strategy you start making aligned, correct decisions using the wisdom of your body, rather than surrendering to an external authority, or the mind. Resistance becomes ease. Burnout becomes a thing of the past and creating the results you want in life & business becomes oh-so much easier and fulfilling. ⁣

You will leave this episode feeling motivated, focussed and inspired as we discuss:

Understanding Human Design is a starting point to understanding your lifes purpose Understanding your own personal design and its magic Incorporating your type; authority, strategy and profile How to find the courage to do what you love Connecting the dots in life that lead to freedom Living life on your terms in a healthy and balanced way


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