In 2018, after waking up from the mother of all breakdowns and the symptoms of fibromyalgia affecting every aspect of my life, I decided to get well.

That was the start of my mission to make it known to anyone that was ready to hear, that you can have any life you choose. Why?

I chose to find another way.

I took myself from “disabled” to not disabled.

I created The Life Freedom Method®️ that anyone can use for any purpose.

Ultimately it starts with YOU. All of you.

Understanding your body and your being and how life impacts all of it.

The Fading Woman®️ book made the method available Globally and people all around the world are actually reading it.

Now with Claire Morton Leadership and Growth Consultant Speaker – No. 1 Best Selling Author we have combined our modalities and evolved our original method by integrating Jess Cunningham‘s extraordinary Belief Coding®️ in to it.

Jessica Cunningham was a huge part in my recovery journey way before Belief Coding®️ was born. She helped me to find my 🔥I am forever grateful to her.

Now we continue to share the message.

We embarked on a pilot clinical trial 3 months ago and we have taken another 2 people out of the “disabled” status. These amazing individuals did the work. They followed our lead and on Friday the doctor leading the trial told us something that we already knew. However, to get that external validation that society requires from a Doctor to be taken seriously is important.

His words were

“the clinical improvements in your two patients (the lab results are outstanding) “

We know!! He knows! They know!

They want us to do more, and we want to do more. To do that we need to raise funding. They are going away to source some funding too.

We want to raise our own funds to help make our Life Freedom Method®️ and Belief Coding ®️ recognised from a clinical and physiological standpoint.

We are in zero doubt that this will happen. Remember I believe that if you want something enough, you will make it happen. There are too many people world wide that need this for it not to happen.

So with that in mind I am celebrating us! I am celebrating the results. I am celebrating the feedback! I am celebrating owning the commitment to take this all the way!

If you want to support us then we have created a go fund me page. Every little helps. Thank you to those that have already supported us 🙌🏻🙏🏻

You can download our white paper too

Please share as far and wide as possible. Every share, every penny, every download of the paper creates awareness, creates momentum, creates the energy to bring this over the finish line so that we can start the rest of the race!

Did I want any of this?  Would I have chosen it? Well that honestly doesn’t matter as what is meant for you won’t pass you by.  This is all part of my soul journey and the lessons I am here to learn.

Who is with us?! 🙌🏻🙏🏻😘

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