Well? Would you? The answer I am going to assume is emphatically NO!

Imagine that?!  Somebody disrespecting your property so much that they feel that they can just dump their crap on your door step.

It’s all about understanding your boundaries.  Our physical boundaries are undoubtedly much stronger than our energetic boundaries.

Human Design is the Science of the Aura.  Your aura is the energetic space that you take up on this planet.  Its you, your feelings, your thoughts, your environment.  If your environment is full to capacity then this can often feel overwhelming for many people.  It can feel like a physical and emotional impass.

Just imagine for a moment if you were as clear with your emotional and energetic boundaries as you were with your physical ones?

Just imagine for a moment that the “sofa in the front garden” was an analogy for unwanted mood hoovers in your life;  for people expressing and projecting themselves on to and into your energetic space. For social media; peoples views and opinions; noise that you have no interest in whatsoever; other peoples drama that has absolutely zero to do with you; people crossing your personal boundaries; people offloading their work or their woes constantly on to you.  And all of a sudden you find the equivalent of the 3 seater draylon sofa in your energtic space! Clogging it! Taking up space that you need to keep open to let the good stuff come in. 

My point is this.  Your auric space; Your physical space; Your energetic space.  It is all YOURS.  Be extremely clear about what and who is allowed in and when.  You are the gate keeper. 

If you find yourself sitting thinking, “how the hell have I got all this to deal with?!” – do this first task.  Look at each part of “all this” and see which belongs to you and which is someone elses dirty old sofa! If its the latter, put it out for collection or give it back to where it came from. 

This is a key element in finding your own Space and Freedom®

It works both ways too.  If you find yourself fly tipping your sofa…think on! 

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