It is said that you can’t argue with science….

Einstein said everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Like energy attracts like energy.

In Human Design, we attract the people that bring access to the energy that we don’t consistently have access to in order for us to work in the most optimal way.

So why aren’t we embracing this each and every day?

Why are we still pushing through in this masculine patriarchal way?

The answer is because we always have. It is how are society has evolved.

We have for the past however many thousands of years been finding ways to best survive on the planet by doing the doing.

We proved it!

We can survive.

Now, some of us are starting to realise that there are other ways to live. We are starting to embrace the “being” of life and the “receiving”, rather than the push and pull of the constant doing with the stress and sickness that comes with that.

Let’s be honest, as a society, we have never been so sick. One in two of us are to live with cancer as far as Cancer Research UK reports in the British Journal of Cancer

Two thirds of the population have a repeat prescription from their GP.

I used to be one of those statistics before I woke up and realised that there was another way.

I healed myself from chronic ill health with education, grit, determination and an open mind. There has to be a better way. And there was. There is.

Learning to take responsibility for the place in which we live. The human suit that is our home from the moment that we are born to the second that we fall off this mortal coil. It is our responsibility to understand how it works. What is good for it and what is bad for it. Holistically. Mentally. Physically. Environmentally. All of the external factors that affect the vibrational frequency of our body.

Bruce Tanio of the Tanio Institute found that the healthy human body vibrates at between 62hz and 78hz. Understanding this and understanding what affects that frequency is a huge key to understanding how we can keep ourselves well.

A balance between the Masculine “doing” energy and the Feminine “being” energy, coupled with the understanding of your body and how to keep it working in the best way possible for you is fundamental to a healthy and productive life.

This in turn also impacts on your business productivity, income and success.

If you want to support yourself and your workforce to be happy; healthy; productive with a great sense of being and morale, then investing in them holistically would be a ‘dead cert” for all concerned.

The cost of poor wellbeing in the workplace is huge. Investing in Staff Wellbeing pays.

Organisation’s with high levels of employee wellbeing, have out performed the stock market by around 2-3% per year over a 25 year period.

FTSE 100 companies demonstrating best practice in employee health and wellbeing show a higher than average shareholder return 61% instead of 51%

Staff turnover costs are on average £6125

The average cost of absenteeism due to ill health is around 8% of a company wage bill. The total cost of sickness absence to UK business us £15bn per year. A further £15bn is lost through employees being present at work but un productive due to poor emotional wellbeing. This works out at around £692 per employee per year.

We propose bringing a balance to the UK workforce as “The Norm”.

Space and Freedom® Limited are launching their second annual membership of Back to the Mothership to commence of the 10th January for a 12-month mission of wellness and self discovery.

The 2022 mission has been a great success and so we are launching it out into the Corporate space for the first time.

Back to the Mothership provides individuals access to a supportive, non judgmental, positive community that provides experiential learning access via the online space.

This membership provides the education around health and wellbeing via The Life Audit & Radical Self Care Programme.

This covers

The Body; The Immune System; Stress & Anxiety; Hormonal Health; Radiators and Drains; Belief systems; energy as well as a complete life audit to address all of the challenges that they may have in life and work.

The Modern Meditation System which teaches breathing and meditation for busy people to help with their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Understanding Human Design and how to embrace the design and live in alignment for the benefit of you and each person that you interact with. It will allow you to embrace your brilliance and understand your purpose and magnetism. It will allow the organisation to understand their workforce and their personalities, traits, skills and challenges better. It will help with retention and recruitment.

The 12-month journey provides a structure; a support network; a learning experience in a very real space with real people that are here to support the individuals and the collective to become happier, healthier, productive and aligned in this one life that they are here to enjoy.

The investment per person is £444 per annum or £37 per month.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your corporate requirements with us.

We are ready to make an impact in the Corporate World like no others have done before.

Allowing your team to achieve Space and Freedom® will help your business and people to thrive.