Living life at a million miles an hour, trying to be everything to everyone takes its toll.

It takes its toll on your holistic wellness (mental, physical & spiritual)

When you are in the thick of it, it’s difficult to look at yourself objectively.

You turn your hearing off to those that tell you to “slow down”, “take some time for you”

What do they know, right?

They have no idea of your multitasking superpowers!

Slowly your body starts to whisper to you.

You ignore it. There’s “stuff” to do. There’s targets to meet. People are relying on me.

Then it tries to talk to you..

“I’m good! I thrive on stress! I’ll rest when I’ve done x y or z”

Then it starts shouting…and your excuses come out

“Well if I stop who is going to get this stuff done?” Yada Yada Yada

When your body is done trying to get your attention, it takes away your control. It makes it very difficult for you to do anything.

It shuts down in order to get your full attention. It puts you in to survival mode.

There are then 2 choices

1. You either stay there and muse that your body is failing you (I spent 12 years here)

2. You hear the message and realise your body has been doing the best she can with all of the stuff you’ve been putting her through and you realise it’s time to do something about it.

How do I know this?

I have been that woman.

I have had the broken body.

Having chosen option 2, I have done the work. I now realise what I put her through and how it affected EVERYTHING about my life…my being.

That is why I created The Life Audit & Radical Self Care programme and why I wrote The Fading Woman®.

It wasn’t to satisfy my ego.

It was to help other Fading Women, just like I was, to realise that there is another way to live.

Having learnt the painful lessons (quite literally), I retrained in so many different modalities so that I could help women back to the person that they were always supposed to be.

The Body is your vehicle that you live in throughout your life. If that’s f*****, where else are you going to live?

Understanding the body better is a great starting point.

But, you can’t do that until your mind is open to understanding that your belief system needs a bloody good audit.

How can you go through 40+ years with an outdated belief system?! Well I did! We do! We know what we know and we believe that our way is the right way.

Until it’s not.

So I help women understand those beliefs and see how they are affecting the whole of them. If they no longer fit (pretty much always) then we work to change them.

Changing them then starts a chain reaction in to putting your body at the front of your priority list!

It’s all very well having your roof fixed (getting your hair done and slapping some make up on!) but If your foundations are screwed that’s going to be as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

And just like that…your life changes.

You are in control of the whole shooting match.

It’s not a quick fix

It’s not a tick box. It’s a life change. It’s continuous development and your daily priority.

It becomes the norm.

Having been through it, I can see it an absolute mile off.

It is painful to see women heading through this process and knowing that they often won’t hear and see it until they hit their proverbial wall.

When people ask me what it is I do, I tell them that I help women be the best version of themselves, holistically. To bring them back to the woman that they were always supposed to be.

If this resonates with you and you are ready for option 2, please get in touch.

If you know your body is whispering, talking or shouting at you. Let’s chat before you hit that wall.

If your organisation has women that are literally working themselves in to the ground, maybe it’s time to invest in their wellness and future productivity by supporting them now.

Sickness is much more costly than wellness.

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