Claire Morton and Jules Kelly

We Empower Educate Support and Serve those that are ready to make a change in their life to own their body, joy, passion and purpose.

This then leads to teaching our future generations a better way of living.

We guide and work with you holistically and  collaboratively.  We hold space for you on your journey to create the life that you want.

Our mission is to create a conscious awareness that each person on the planet creates their own reality.

We work with Individuals and Corporate Clients

One Life Two Choices.


We are Honest Open and Authentic

Service with Education, excellence and empathy with a passion to deliver a World Class service

Creating a safe trauma informed environment for deep transformational change

Embracing and celebrating success with fun, joy & laughter

Space and Freedom Retreat

An immersive safe and empowering environment for  transformational change and personal development

Individual Success Coaching

A bespoke experience for transformational change in a safe and supported environment.  A  collaborative approach to reach your goals

Corporate Training and Wellness

Collaborative and bespoke tailored solutions devised and delivered to meet each organisations bespoke requirements

Back to the Mothership

Our annual membership to experience personal development within a community, Space & Freedom style from your own home.


Space and Freedom was created through the joining of forces of two highly and diversely skilled individuals, with a collective 50 plus years of business experience.

Our complementary skills, knowledge and life experience is a perfect match to deliver the type of coaching that we wished we could have had in our earlier years.

Having invested heavily, in time, energy and money in our own continued personal and business growth, we understand and are passionate about personal development and the impact that this has on sustainable productivity within life and business.



Why High Performance?  Why Success?


 The dictionary definition of High Performance is

“Able to operate to a high standard consistently”

To be a high performer, you don’t need to be a professional athlete; award winning actress; a nobel prize winner; or a high flying blue chip CEO.

High Performance can be linked to anyone in any role in life.

We believe that being a high performer is having a real desire to be the best that you can be every single day, in what ever role you choose.  We believe that a High Performer wants to leave the world in a better way than they found it.

“Success” is completely subjective and our version of “success” changes as we go through life.

We help you find your success, whatever that may be, whenever you are ready for help.