The Life Freedom Method® gives you the courage to take control, choose and change your life without burning out on the treadmill of “life”

This is for Busy CEOs, CFOs, and leaders looking for a process that allows them the freedom to live the successful, aligned life they desire without living the life someone else told them to

Are you looking around for the escape hatch?  Are you running around like a superhero, although much tattier around the edges than the real deal?  Being the solution to everyones problem; juggling the meeting schedules, emails, deadlines with lunch boxes, school runs, the piles of washing and living off pretty crap quick food that you know will need to changee before you need to buy the next size up…again?

Are you pretty terrified that at some point you are going to make a major cock up of some sort, tell your boss to shove it or end up letting everyone down.  Burn out right now seems like a nice holiday, right? But on you go as you know that everyone relys on you.

As you reheat another ready meal and pour yourself another large glass of wine (you are not kidding anyone that its a part of your 5 a day), you are thinking, if only someone would show me how to change this life!

We have the emergency smash box!  If you’ve got the hammer(will and determination).

The Life Freedom Method® offers a proven process for individuals from any walk of life that are living life in a way that really is not working for them to a life that really does.

Whether that is leading a business, leading a family, wearing all of the hats of responsibility and having no time for yourself, and probably not as healthy as you would like whilst life is happening to you. You are a passenger when you know you life is better as the driver.

To others your life may look amazing.

Your mask however is firmly in place.  You think that the mask could slip at any time yet you believe that there is no other way.

The Life Freedom Method® will show you that you can take back control of the wheel;

You can move beyond pain and restriction; overwhelm and overwork; Feeling unhealthy and deep down, unhappy, to a feeling of overall wellbeing, joy, clarity and control.

Our fully supported process allows you the space and freedom, support, education, accountability and guidance to give you the life and purpose that you wish you could have.

How do we know?  Because we have been where you are.

The Life Freedom Method® was borne through Jules Kelly’s journey to wellbeing after being “that” leader, living with the chronic health condition, Fibromyalgia for twelve years. She ignored the warnings and the signs until she couldn’t ignore them any more.

She went from complete breakdown and burnout to creating a whole new dynamic life, using her corporate experience and learnings, she reassessed; retrained in a new field that brought her joy and freedom and the life that she never thought would be possible to her.  She has never looked back.

Co-founder Claire Morton had a similar experience.  Having worked in the world of corporate training and personal development for 20 years, she became the mum that was snapping at the children, whilst pouring a glass of wine and working throughout dinner and their bedtime, for far too long.  She was talking the talk but wasn’t practicing what she preached. This had profound affects on all aspects of her life.

Together Claire & Jules are passionate about helping others live the life that they choose.  They will give you their hand whilst you climb off the treadmill whilst you catch your breathe.

The system is so good that it has been through pilot clinical trials with  outstanding results in taking people from being classified as disabled to no longer meeting that criteria.

Each step of this Intensive twelve – week programme is science backed and has been proven to work for both Jules, Claire and many others too.

Each one of us is unique.  We have a unique blueprint, and we are here to meet life in our own way.

The Life Freedom Method® has far reaching applicability as it encompasses life holistically.

Jules Kelly
Claire Morton Life Freedom Method®
Claire Morton

Our Life Freedom Method® flagship intensive twelve-week program is based on science-backed modalities and takes you from where you are now to a healthier, happier, and more successful version of yourself.

It provides clarity on your life, purpose, and business while offering a proven process to move you beyond pain and restriction, overwhelm and overwork, hustle and juggling to aligned intentional successful living. 

It all starts with a full VIP Day where you unload everything that is going on for you so that we can help you create some more energetic space to just stop and breathe. 

We work with you to find out where you want life to go and what life looks like for you in your ideal world. 

We then create a supported framework to deliver the solution and we will guide you through that process to help you reach your goals. 

Our process covers health and wellbeing; beliefs; mindset; purpose; strategy and support and is tailored to your unique blueprint. We will show you how to live your life in the most aligned way by helping you understand foundational strengths, potential blind spots, and how to grow through a new level of understanding.

In addition to you VIP discovery day, you will have weekly calls for coaching, accountability and support.  You will be introduced to a range of cutting-edge modalities, including Belief Coding®, meditation, aromatherapy, and Human Design®. As part of the programme, we may provide nutritional support and supplement options and offer aromatherapy support for any physical or emotional needs. And, rest assured, our expert support will be available to you via WhatsApp during office hours throughout the duration of the programme.

At the end of the 12-weeks you will look back in wonder of how you ever lived the way you had for so long. 

Our Life Freedom Method® has resulted in some incredible positive outcomes and has demonstrated that with strong will and dtermination, along with aligned and supported action that you are able to create a strong foundation for the rest of your life that allows you to be in control.  You can have it all without burnout if you choose.

If you’re ready to create real change in your life, our Life Freedom Method® program will provide you with the direction, guidance, and support you need.

Embrace life without limitation and take control of your health with our ground-breaking program delivered by the only two certified practitioners in the world – Jules Kelly & Claire Morton.

Don’t settle for a mediocre life. Make the choice to transform your life today through our Life Freedom Method® program.

Jules Kelly

The Life Freedom Method® Pillars


You may have a million things going on in your head all of the time.  This can be overwhelming and we understand this.  Within that head is great wisdom and we will help you to create clarity and the techniques to allow you to work with your brilliance beyond our working relationship.


You might have all of the ideas and all of the will, yet absolutely no clue how to make any of it a reality.
That’s is okay! You may not be designed to do that naturally.
We can help you create the route, systems and structures to help you create your reality.

Speak your Truth

You may have so much to say and so much to release yet you may feel like you can’t do this easily.  You may have a burning desire to vocalise how you feel or have your message heard, yet something is holding you back.  We can help you release any blocks in a safe way and show you how your are designed to communicate at your best.

Who am I?

Life Experience has showed us that we can lose the person that we thought we were.  Some of us never really understand who we are and what we are here for.  Many people come to us and ask us if we can find that person.  Together we can discover the person that you were always supposed to be and help you embrace your soul purpose.  


We believe that Wellness and Health = Wealth
Wealth is subjective for each of us.  If you are expending more energy than your body is getting support for you will burn out.  You will get sick.  We have been there and got the T-shirt in all the colours. We created The Life Freedom Method® to support this whole area.


We can help you to navigate what is holding you back.  Fear can be a huge block that can keep us safe or keep us small and stopping us from living our best life.  This is linked to our beliefs.  Beliefs can be changed. We can support you to release any fears to make room for growth in all areas of your life.  We will help you find your vitality and tap in to your intuition.

Your Joy

Do you make sure that your life is FULL of stuff that lights you up?  No? Then we will help you change that! Life is for living in joy!  You may not know what you want to do.  You may feel stuck.  Get ready to become unstuck.  We are here for all of it.  We will help you find your joy, passion and purpose and then help you create the plan to soak it all over your life

Pressure or Motivation

Its a fine line! Do you often need some sort of push to get things started?  Do you feel like you need a rocket to launch you in to action.  Do you worry that you are running out of time.  Do you feel like you are having to hustle all of the time.  If the answer is yes, we can help you work with this.

What does The Life Freedom Method® look like in terms of time commitment?

You will get a Full VIP Discovery Day where we will dig deep into your needs, purpose and intentions for the twelve weeks. This will allow us to create the route map and plan the content for your unique 3 month journey to the place that you are seeking.

You will have weekly calls for coaching, accountability and support.

You will be introduced to several modalities, including Belief Coding®, meditation, aromatherapy and Human Design®

You may be provided with nutritional supplementation support (If required) for the duration of the programme which will include twelve-months wholesale membership with the provider.  You will also be offered aromatherapy support for any physical or emotional support.

You will have access to us via whattsapp during office hours throughout the duration of the programme.

Claire Morton & Jules Kelly

Embrace life without the limitations and take control of your health with The Life Freedom Method®.


Investment £12,000 payable over 3 months at £4,000 per month (initial payment on booking) OR Pay in full with a saving of £1001 at £10,999.

Please contact us for availability