The Successful Mind

Written with contributions from medical doctors to yoga teachers to business coaches to fire walking instructors, ‘The Successful Mind’ is the modern ‘go to’ source for mindset coaches, as well as individuals wanting to learn more tools to success.

In her chapter, Claire looks at how yoga allows you to harness and ignite the positives that lie in the subconscious mind, so helping to create a successful mindset by living in the body. She discusses the fact that yoga is a way of life and not just a fitness class and talks specifically about two parts of yoga, meditation (Dhyana) and breath control (Pranayama), along with the myths, the history, the science and the benefits of practicing yoga in today’s modern world. 

Claire is extremely passionate about helping people and says,

“If you’re looking to personally develop and live the life that you want, then open your mind up to the world of choice and let yoga in. “

This chapter also comes with the simple truth on topics such as the brain, body, stress, energy, brain waves states and a sprinkle of philosophical quotes, and inspires the reader to digest and build on the belief; to know that this ancient tradition is more than just spiritual ‘woo woo’ stuff. It is real, and recent scientific research is out there now to be able to demonstrate how this works, but let this book help you discover that for yourself.

“Your state of mind decides how your life pans out. You can choose the path that you want to take. The only thing that stops you or brings you success is your state of mind – your own mindset! For this to happen you must reconnect your mind with your heart in order to be able to live in creation, gratitude and abundance.”